Through my eyes!

It wasnt always that I could feel down yet keep a float. Im learning a different view, or a more beautiful understanding . Coming from a christian upbringing, seeking outside of myself was the normal. But, since you accepted a savior, you were ok regardless of your mistakes, cause your forgiven, right? Well, since childhood I have experienced trauma after trauma. Now being an adult I can see things alot clearer and with more compassion for myself and others. I had to break out of all I thought was right, and allow what is natural and pure to flow in. I had to teach myself that any fear based thought or feeling was not what I wanted to associate with. For with that came confusion and seeking outside of myself again. I had to be honest with my each thought and action. I had to pay attention to which part of my life and beliefs I was allowing my 12yr old to manage. That 12yr old that only knew what her young fear based mind would allow it to. The 12yr old that learned how to either repeat her parents mistakes, or rebel and become worse. That 12yr old can reap havoc all over if I am not careful.

Recently I have been experiencing such happiness and joy. I met a lady that has such an amazing oppurtunity to bring in a new way. A way that has not yet been completely taught or used on earth. She has been in the spiritual business for 50 +yrs, and has hit bottom while experiencing a spiritual intervention if you would. I as well was experiencing tremendous spiritual warfare within myself. My beliefs(christian upbringing) did not work any longer, and I had always felt something so much bigger than a book. But, when it came, it wasnt pleasent. I as well as she, have had to completly do shit pretty much opposite of what we thought right. There are 4 of us ladies working together to make this possible. We are working with HGB(the Hippie Ghost Band), which consist of a few rockstar legends, poets, and the crystal kingdoms, that live beyond the veil, and they have found a way to create heaven here on earth through Jasmine as their conduit. What I have been learning is helping me heal in areas from my ancestral tree all the way to my inner core trauma. With guided visual meditations by Jasmine Renee Abbott, crystal bowls by Brenda Zybert, and the wisdom of those already passed our 3rd plane, this has actually become possible. Im finding a new beginning to understanding who I am, and my purpose here now. What do I like? You mean its possible? Well I am oh so grateful for who I am today, and the love I hold. Love you all!


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