Those Days

I know Im not the only one that has”those days”right? Those days that as soon as you open your eyes, you feel blah. Your energy level is low and your determination just doesnt exist. I remember having them often,but lately they are not as common. Now,these past few days,they came to pay me a visit. A visit that reminded me to slow down and listen. A visit,that reminded me, how important paying attention to me and my thoughts are. But, most importantly, a visit to remind me of how hard it is when you feel this heaviness. I didnt have much of a problem doing my daily house chores, cooking,or the daily routine. More of a lack in my personal creativity and imagination. I all of a sudden felt like nothing is going anywhere. I took my eyes off of what I have, to see what I dont. I had forgotten that Im building up unimaginable things, in places yet to be revealed to me. If that wasnt enough, we woke up to our doggie dead on my youngest sons feet. As we said our goodbyes this morning, I couldnt help but smile. In all this mess, I am actually aware of what I am feeling, and where it belongs. I dont have to accept it for what I am or will be tomorrow. It is simply a process and these past few days were more of a marination moment. Soak in it, so you are aware of the feelings when they arrive for that surprise visit next time. Life will have its marination moments, but dont marinate so long that you become stinky😉😁


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