Victim vs Victory

Many times”and I mean many”, I have been in the victim seat. I could find excuse after excuse as to why I couldnt change something or someone😉. I could go back almost 36 years and find a damn excuse lol. Once I realized it was my fears of not being good enough, strong enough, or accepted, that kept my victim mask on, It got a little easier to remove. What I didnt realize was all these “relevant” excuses, only kept me captive.
When we blame ANYTHING we are living, on another, we are taking on more baggage that is even heavier than understood. You keep yourself held down and blindfolded. You have the ability to escape, yet you are waiting for the accused to rescue you. You are saying, that person or situation, holds the answer. Can you see how disastrous this mask can become. You are incognito even to yourself. Where your focus goes, your mask follows, until you learn to remove it. Its a mask of fears, misunderstandings, let downs, abandonment, trauma, and so much more. Its the pain of your ancestors. Its the fear of the unknown, and the known that you take on as definite truth, without even understanding it. The true you, is in the passenger seat, while your incognito you drives. If you know your incognito you, like I know the incognito me, then you know how well it is known for destroying shit due to fear. At times it doesnt even let you hear another when they speak. It stops you from feeling certain feelings. It evens tells you people are bad, which causes sub-conscience judgement. Our mask leads our sub-consciousness, which creates our reality.
Creating your reality, is who you are in your inner core. You entered here with the power to create, and build from earth. When you create heaven here,you open the floodgates of oppurtunity. Thats what removing the mask of the victim mentality does for you. It puts you in the driver seat and allows spirit to control your gps. Your relationships change. Your communication with yourself changes. Your daily joy is awoken and free to find its passion. Its a process, but once you start, theres no turning back. When you were created for something so amazing, once you taste of that goodness, you will fiend for more. Thats the kind of addiction we are looking for😘


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